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How do I clean the lampshades?

You can remove dust from your lampshade by vacuming the shade. First place a pair of tights over the end of a vacuum cleaner nozzle, then remove any dust from the shade by carefully vacuuming the shade fabric.

Are the table lamps safe?

All our lighting designs have been professionally tested and are certified compliant will all relevant UK/EU electrical safety standards.

What type of light bulb will I require?

The table lamps take standard bulb fittings. We use Screw and Bayonet fittings.

Can I order lampshades with an EU fitting / US fittings?

Yes! Please let me know which type of fittings you require when placing your lampshade order.


How do I care for my felt wearables?

Caring for your hand felted wearables will mean your felted item will last for many years to come, giving you lasting joy and reducing its impaction the environment. Like other fabrics, keep your felted item away from sharp objects and jewellery to avoid snagging the fibres. Likewise keep the felted fabrocs away from clothes moths. Please check the individual washig care instructions supplied with your item.

How do I to wash my felted item(s)?

Your hand felted wearable can be gently hand washed. Use cool / tepid hand warm water (no more than 30*C degrees) with a mild soap. (i) Wash as you might a wool jumper - soak, move gently and avoid excess movement. (ii) Rinse with cool / tepid water to remove the soap suds. (iii) Gently squeeze out the excess water . Do not wring! (iv) Lay flat on a towel and roll up to absorb excess water. Reshape and leave to air dry on a dry towel in an airing cupboard, near a radiator or outdoors if you are lucky enough to have warm dry weather! Please refer to the individual care instruction supplied with your item. While I would advise hand washig your felted textiles, to minimise the effect on the fibres and the environemt, some felt wearable can be dry cleaned if needed. Use a gently green dry cleaning process if you are going to use this process.

Should I be concerened about moths near my felt?

Prevention is better than cure when trying to keep your felted fabrics looking beautiful. Keep your felted items away from clothes moths, as you would any other fabrics items. It is the moth larvae rather than the actual moths that cause the damage, therefore preventing moths laying their eggs is the key strtaegy to preventing damage. To clothes moth larvae, wool is like chocolate to me…delicious & irresitable! They like all natural fibres and fabrics, even those made with mixed natural and synthetic fibres. Clothes moths and carpet beetles are more prevalent today. This is because our modern homes are central heated and therefore clothes moths are no longer just a seasonal threat to our clothes & fabrics. Prevention: There are a number of ways to stop moths making a buffet of your clothes & felt these include; - Clean your felted wool item(s) before storing. - Use smart storage - in resealable plastic bags or boxes. - Vacuum on a regular basis. - Keeping an eye out for clothes moths & use natural moth traps. - Store your felt with lavender balls / sachets / oil, or red cedar products - it repels but does not kill the moths. Cure: If you notice clothes moths or have any tell tale holes in your clothes or felt you can; - Dry clean the item - Freeze it; place the item in a plastic bag, squeeze out the air, seal and place in the freezer for several days. Take out and return to room temperature then repeat. - Further information and products on preventing moths can be found at

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