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Linear  -  Silk Discs Table Lamp

The Linear table lamp combines beautifully fine textured silk habotai fabric with merino wool embedded with felt resistant lines, felted using the nuno process. This shade sees a range of linear shaped wool resists of varying sizes arranged in a pattern across the lampshade surfaces. The lampshade is mounted on a solid oak base with antique brass fittings and twisted linen flex cord.


Cellular Collection 

The Linear table lamp is part of the Cellular Collection, a range of felted textiles inspired by cell structures examined under the microscope with macro-photographic imagery. Providing a wonderful combination of contrasting low relief surfaces and subtle lighting effects, this collection fuses finely textured fabrics, wool and resistant materials.


The lampshades are handmade using the traditional practice of wet felting. The wool, silk and resist pieces are worked together by hand, using a green olive oil soap solution. This involves applying soapy water to the fibres before rubbing and rolling the fabric and fibres, until they intermingle and fuse together, to form a permanent bond. The felted fabric is then attached to a fire resistant lampshade backing and frame.  


The wooden lamp base is made of solid English Oak. It has been created in collaboration with Matt Foster of Plane Structures. Matt prepares and cuts my design in the wood before I attach the antique brass lamp fittings and twisted linen flex cord. The wood is then polished with beeswax to bring out the beautiful patina and textures of the wood.


Each item is a truly unique piece of work, handmade in my garden studio in South Birmingham. Due to the handmade production processes, each lampshade & base may have a slightly different placement of design or wood grain than can be seen in the photos above.


...Our lampshades evoke feelings of warmth and comfort to every room in your home...



Note: The table lamps in the photograph measures 15 x 15 x 35 centimetres.

Linear Table Lamp

  •  ✵  Solid English Oak base

     ✵ Merino wool and Silk habotai lampshade

     ✵ Wooden base measures 15 x 15 x 4cm

     ✵ Two sizes of lampshade available - 30cm and 40cm high

          (total height 35 or 45 cm combining base and shade respectively)

     ✵ 2 metre Linen fabric covered 3 twist cable flex with switch control 

     ✵ Comes with a UK plug and UK / EU Standard BC E22 bayonet light fitting. 

     ✵  A felted wool cushion on the base protects surfaces from potential scratches.

     ✵ Bespoke lampshade colours available on request.

A most enjoyable day! Emma’s studio was warm and welcoming and was a lovely space in which to work. Emma was an excellent tutor, explaining each stage of the feltmaking process clearly and answering any questions that arose along the way. She provided a fantastic array of materials and taught us techniques for using them to best advantage .

— Chris -


A brilliant introduction into the amazing world of wet felting. Extremely well organised and delivered. Thoroughly enjoyable and Emma a great tutor.

-J. Cawood - 


—Chris - 

An extremely enjoyable course delivered in a simple and clear way. Each stage was explained thoroughly and backed up with further advice for improvement or alternative yarns / embellishments. A truly inspirational experience.

—Margaret - 

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