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Luxury devore scarf made with beautifully fine silk velvet and merino wool with equisite textures and tonal shades that are a delight to wear and make you feel extra special.


These unique scarves are hand made in three stages - initally the silk velvet devore design is created by removing areas of the velvet pile and then the scarf fabric is hand felted with a soft merino wool and silk blend to create a finely textured surface pattern. The final stage sees the scarves being individually dyed.


Our scarves are individually hand made and dyed in small numbers, therefore you can expect subtle variation in the pattern and colour between  batch making these each scarf truely unique .


Each scarf is presented in a luxury box making a great gift box and place to store your scarf. 


Looking for a scarf as a gift? We are happy to gift wrap the boxed scarf and enclose a hand written  personal message in a gift card for the recipient on request. Please email me with your message and recipients details.



Translucency & Opacity Collection 

The 'Linear' Devore Felted Scarves are part of the Translucency & Opacity Collection, a range of felted textiles developed during my MA research into haptic perception. 


Intrigued by our instinct to touch and its’ importance to the human experience, I wanted to create a collection that explores tactility and engaged the senses. Investigating the relationship between actual and perceived textures the felted devore fabrics are deconstructed before being reconstructed to develop a complex surface and structure. These sumptuous fabrics invite tactile curiosity and question our perception of texture, especially when the hidden textures and patterns are revealed when illuminated.


Each design within the collection has been inspired by my love of architecture, with the designs developed from my photographs and drawing of iconic buildings.

Linear - Velvet & Wool Devore Scarf - Sugar Cane (Skinny)

  • ✵ Treat your scarf as you would woolens & cashmere - wash gently, avoid contact with sharp objects to prevent snags, store in box away from clothes moths.


    ✵ We advise gently hand washing our scarves with a mild soap in tepid/warm water and rinsed before line drying to be kindest to the fabric and the enviroment.


    ✵ Alternatively we suggest having your scarf gently dry cleaned using a GreenEarth® dry cleaning service to minimise the envionmental impact.

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