Scattered Discs  -  Silk Discs Lampshade
The Scattered Discs lampshades combines beautifully fine textured silk habotai fabric with merino wool embedded with felt resistant circular discs using the nuno process. This shade sees a range of disc sizes scattered across the lampshade surface.


Cellular Collection 
The Scattered Discs lampshade is part of the Cellular Collection, a range of felted textiles inspired by cell structures examined under the microscope with macro-photographic imagery. Providing a wonderful combination of contrasting low relief surfaces and subtle lighting effects, this collection fuses finely textured fabrics, wool and resistant materials.


These lampshade are handmade using the traditional practice of wet felting. The wool, silk and resist pieces are worked together by hand, using a green olive oil soap solution. This involves applying soapy water to the fibres before rubbing and rolling the fabric and fibres until they intermingle and fuse together to form a permanent bond. The felted fabric is then attached to a fire resistant lampshade backing and frame.  


Each item is a truly unique piece of work, handmade by me in my garden studio in South Birmingham. Due to the handmade felting production process, each lampshade may have a slightly different placement of design as can be seen in the photos.


...Our lampshades create feelings of warmth and comfort to every room in your home...

'Scattered Discs' Lampshade

  • ✵ 100% Merino wool with silk habotai fabric.

    ✵ Range of diameter sizes - 20cm, 30cm, 40cm & 45cm.

    ✵ Other sizes available on commission. 

    ✵ Suitable for ceiling pendant or lamp stand.

     ✵ UK  /  EU light fitting standard. US fittings on request, please contact us at the time of ordering if you would like US fittings.