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Spiki Caterpillar Collection
Individually hand felted and manipulated merino wool with highly textured raised 3d surface pattern inspired by some of the most beautiful, but strange and dangerously toxic caterpillars! These soft sculptural surface spikes are guaranteed not to sting!


This lampshade is handmade using the traditional practice of wet felting, combined with the ancient art of Shibori. The wool fibres are first manipulated with hand stitching and tied together before being worked by hand using a green olive oil soap solution. This involves applying soapy water and a lot of elbow grease to massage, rub and roll the work to fuse the fibres together to form a permanent bond. The felted fabric is then attached to the fire resistant lampshade backing and frame.


Each item is a truly unique piece of work, handmade by me in my garden studio in South Birmingham. Due to the handmade felting production process, each lampshade may have a slightly different placement of design as can be seen in the photos.


...Our lampshades create feelings of warmth and comfort to every room in your home...



Spiki Caterpillar Lampshade

Colour: Ivory
  • ✵ Made from 100% felted merino wool

    ✵ A co-ordinating cushion range available

    ✵ Range of  sizes - 20cm d and 30cm d.

    ✵ Colour: Ivory  - Other colours available on request - anything from pink to sky blue. Please email me to discuss your colour ideas.

    ✵ Can be used as a table top lampshade or a ceiling shade.


    ✵ UK / EU light fitting standard. US fittings on request, please contact us at the time of ordering if you would like US fittings.

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